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    Red Breasted Nuthach on pine

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      SKU: W470
      Red Breasted Nuthach on pine
      9"Width X 6"Height

      From Bovano of Cheshire, this charming Red Breasted Nuthatch on Pine Enameled Copper Wall Art is a detailed, original design inspired by the soft rose color of the red-breasted nuthatch bird. Handcrafted by artists in Cheshire, Connecticut, this bird wall sculpture features a nuthatch perched on a pine tree surrounded by pinecones. The piece is colored by an enameling process that involves sprinkling colored, powdered glass of different colors onto the solid copper structure, then kiln-firing the work under extreme heat to fuse the colored glass onto the metal.

      • Work of art hand made by skilled artisans
      • Vitreous enamel fused to copper
      • 1600 degree kiln fired
      • Conceived, designed and manufactured in the USA since 1952
      • All dimensions are approximate due to the hand crafting of the item



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