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    Explore Bovano's Latest Creations Butterflies&Dragonflies Shop Now Botanical Shop Now Birds Shop Now Marine Life Shop Now Featured Product F100 W4176 W408 W368 F99 W4108 W91Autumn W1669 Featured Product Cherry Blossom branch with butterflies. B903 Shop Now Triple layer Sunburst. 5 Shop Now Bovano's Story The history of Bovano of Cheshire began in 1952, when artist Jim Bower began experimenting with powdered glass fused to small copper plates in the basement of his home in Cheshire, Connecticut. His playful approach resulted in early designs applied to small glass enamel plates, which were sold under the name "Bower Enamels." It wasn't long before Jim met John Bonsignor, who realized the potential of developing a much wider array of glass-enameled products. John moved the studio to the upper floor of an old foundry building in Cheshire and began a passionate pursuit of copper enameling. The name "Bovano" was coined from the first two letters of the last name of each of the three original owners: Bonsignor, Van Leight and Noden. In 1964 David Flood partnered with John to continue the growth of Bovano of Cheshire. Dave and John collaborated together through the 1960's. It was also during this time that the company made a dramatic change away from copper enameled plates and trays - turning instead to the creation of simple little copper enameled flowers. Later designs were extended to larger tabletop flowers, with a growing choice of flowers, bonsai and maple trees, birds and butterflies. In 1975, David became owner of Bovano of Cheshire. Hotel-based trade shows became his regular destinations as he carried products and displays to markets in the New York, Boston, and Chicago circuits. Growth of the company continued beyond three decades as an ever-widening range of high quality wall and table sculptures were crafted by hand. Bovano artisans still use many of the techniques developed from the early days of the company. Combining modern technology and "old world" craftsmanship, highly skilled Bovano artisans continue creating quality sculptures using the knowledge through decades of experience. The old foundry building still houses the enameling studio and Bovano Home Gallery. Dave's son, Jim, has been President since 1987 and continues to carry forth the Bovano of Cheshire tradition of bringing fine artistic sculptures to you. Section Heading Goes Here Heading Goes Here Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing Shop Now Heading Goes Here Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing Shop Now Heading Goes Here Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing Shop Now