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    8"Width X 11"Height
    Chickadees Nesting

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      Chickadees Nesting




      Handmade by Bovano of Cheshire in Connecticut, the Chickadees Nesting in Pine Enameled Copper Wall Art is a unique, original sculpture featuring a family of chickadees nestled in the alcove of an old pine tree. Crafted by skilled artists in Cheshire, Connecticut, this chickadee wall sculpture is colored by sprinkling pulverized glass of various colors onto the solid copper sculpture and kiln-firing the work under extreme heat to fuse the colored glass onto the metal.

      • Work of art hand made by skilled artisans
      • Vitreous enamel fused to copper
      • 1600 degree kiln fired
      • Conceived, designed and manufactured in the USA since 1952
      • All dimensions are approximate due to the hand crafting of the item

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