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    Butterflies in Flower Meadow

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      SKU: B57
      Butterflies in Flower Meadow
      20" wide x 16" high

      Elegant and inspired by nature's delicate handiwork, the Butterflies in Flower Meadow Enameled Copper Wall Art is handcrafted by artists at renowned enameled arts studio Bovano of Cheshire. Designed and made by hand in Cheshire, Connecticut by skilled artists, this stunning butterfly wall art accent piece is made by carefully sprinkling pulverized glass of different colors onto a framework of solid copper, then firing the wall sculpture in a kiln to achieve the sleek texture and fused coloring of the final piece. This butterfly wall sculpture blends rich, nature-inspired pastel colors with detailed craftsmanship, featuring a realistic scene of butterflies hovering over a grassy meadow. 

      Easily hung on the wall of any room in your home using a small, headless nail.



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