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 October 14, 2020

By  bovano_6kut80

On behalf of myself and my fellow artisans, thank you for visiting our new website!  We are deeply grateful to many people over the last year who have helped to make this website come to life.  And it has been quite a year.  Like yourselves, this new way of living has caused dramatic changes at Bovano.  And also like yourselves, there has been no roadmap to navigate back to some sort of normalcy.

       As the virus shutdown our country in March, it seemed like 9/11 all over again.  I was very grateful at that time to have been commissioned by the First Congregational Church in Washington DC to restore twelve copper enameled panels that were created in the 1960's by an artist member of their congregation.  We went to work immediately and three weeks later, the panels were ready for installation.  Two of us drove to an empty downtown Washington DC and, with the church's permission, finished the installation while no one was present.  I hope to eventually have photos of the panels on our new website for all to see.  Fortunately, after this period of time, I began to receive orders and also was asked to create a number of custom designs.  This has continued through the summer months with many familiar customers calling us with their support.  Support that has been greatly appreciated.

      A renewed sense of dedication to the craft of copper enamels has emerged from all of this.  Our fascination and never ending self-education in creating these wonderful designs has been invigorated by the past months as we have solved problems never before experienced in the past 65 years at Bovano. 

       And we are raring to go!  New designs, new customers and a new website!  You just can't beat this great feeling of life, can you!

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