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Birds - 104 Items

  . Bald Eagle In Flight
  . Bald Eagle with Copper Sun
  . Baltimore Oriole
  . Blackburnian warbler
  . Blue Jay
  . Blue Jay On Birch
  . Blue heron facing left in Cattails - Tabletop
  . Bluebird Eastern
  . Bluebird Pair with Prairie Rose
  . Bluebird with Apple Blossom on Manzanita
  . Bluebirds Two
  . Bunting, Indigo
  . Cardinal Female with Dogwood
  . Cardinal Male with Dogwood
  . Cardinal On Birch
  . Cardinal Pair On Pine
  . Cardinal Pair on Birch
  . Cardinal Pair with 3D pinecone
  . Cardinal on Cherry Blossom
  . Cardinal on Patina Maple Leaves
  . Cardinal on stainless Maple Leaves
  . Cardinals (2) In Tree
  . Cardinals Two
  . Cardinals and Chickadee Pine Branch and Pine Cones
  . Chickadee Looking Left
  . Chickadee Pair on Aspen
  . Chickadee on Pine
  . Chickadee with Pine Bough
  . Chickadees (2) In Tree
  . Chickadees (2) with Pine Bough
  . Chickadees Nesting
  . Chickadees Two
  . Chickadees on Copper Tree with 3D pine cones
  . Double cardinals
  . Double herons
  . Downy Woodpecker On Birch
  . Egret with Grasses
  . Goldfinch (2) with Pink Asters
  . Goldfinch (Female) Facing Forward On Sunflower
  . Goldfinch Two
  . Goldfinch with Pink Aster
  . Goldfinches, 2, on Pine
  . Great Blue Heron with Grasses
  . Great Horned Owl on Branch
  . Grosbeak-Rose Breasted
  . Heron Blue Flying
  . Heron in Cattails - Tabletop
  . Heron, Flying Single
  . Hummingbird 3D and Flower, Tabletop
  . Hummingbird Broad Tailed with Pink Orchid
  . Hummingbird Broad Tailed with Wood Lily Flower
  . Hummingbird Broad-tailed with Columbine
  . Hummingbird Calliope, Bleeding Heart Flower
  . Hummingbird Ruby Throat with Turks Cap Lily and Pens
  . Hummingbird on Morning Glory Vine-Sm
  . Hummingbird with Dogwood
  . Hummingbird with Pink Lilies
  . Hummingbird with Trillium
  . Hummingbird with Trumpet Flower
  . Hummingbird with Wood Lily
  . Hummingbird with Wood Lily
  . Hummingbird, Dragonfly, Butterfly Bough
  . Hummingbirds (4) On Dogwood Bough
  . Hummingbirds with Wild Rose
  . Large Dogwood Tree with Songbirds
  . Large Egret with Cattails
  . Large Great Blue Heron with Cattails, Facing Left
  . Large Great Blue Heron with Cattails, Facing Right
  . Large Heron Pair with Copper Sun
  . Loon
  . Male Cardinal on Jumbo Pine
  . Male Cardinal, facing right
  . Owl on Maple Leaf Branch
  . Owl, Saw Whet On Pine
  . Purple Finch pair
  . Quail Male and Chicks
  . Quail Male and Chicks
  . Red Bellied Woodpecker on Jumbo Pine
  . Red Breasted Nuthatch on Pine
  . Red Headed and Red Bellied Woodpeckers
  . Red-Bellied Woodpecker On Birch
  . Robin
  . Ruby Throated Hummingbird pair
  . Sandpiper and Starfish/Clam
  . Sandpiper looking back with sea oats
  . Sandpiper looking forward with sea oats
  . Sandpiper with 2 Shells-Vertical
  . Sandpipers with Grasses
  . Saw Whet Owl with Stainless Steel Moon
  . Single heron facing left
  . Single heron facing right
  . Small Flying Heron with Large Copper Sun
  . Small Great Blue Heron, with Cattails, Facing Left
  . Small Great Blue Heron, with Cattails, Facing Righ
  . Small White Heron, Egret, with Cattails
  . Snowy Egret with Shells
  . Snowy Owl on Branch
  . Songbirds On Dogwood Bough
  . Songbirds in Flower Meadow
  . Songbirds with Dogwood Bough
  . Two Chickadees with 3D pine cones
  . Two Loons with Copper Sun
  . Yellow Throated Warbler pair
  . Yellow Throated Warblers with Cattails

Butterflies & Dragonflies - 37 Items

  . Blue Beauty Butterfly, Wall Accent
  . Blue Butterfly on Manzanita, Tabletop
  . Blue Dragonfly, w/ Lily and Mallow
  . Blue Flower with Dragonfly
  . Blue Flowers with Dragonfly
  . Butterflies in Flight
  . Butterflies in Flower Meadow
  . Butterflies with Fern, Turks Cap Lilies, Sunflower
  . Butterfly Blue Morpho - Open Wing
  . Butterfly Blue with Yellow Flowers, Tabletop
  . Butterfly Monarch
  . Butterfly Monarch - Open Wing
  . Butterfly Red-Spotted Purple
  . Butterfly Tiger Swallowtail
  . Butterfly Tiger Swallowtail - Open Wing
  . Butterfly and Flowers, Tabletop
  . Butterfly, Lily and Lavender on Manzanita, Tabletop
  . Butterfly, Lily and Lavender Wall Accent
  . Cherry Blossom Branch with Butterflies
  . Cherry Blossom Branch with Butterflies
  . Dragonfly Check Winged with Flower
  . Dragonfly Green Winged and Flowers, Tabletop
  . Dragonfly Green Winged with Flower
  . Dragonfly Orange Tailed with yellow Lilies
  . Green Winged Dragonfly with Orange Flowers and Patina Leaves
  . Hummingbird and Butterfly Vertical Sculpture
  . Luna Moth with White Lily
  . Malachite Butterfly with Flowers, Tabletop
  . Monarch and Daylily on Manzanita, Tabletop
  . Monarch with Black Eyed Susan and Fern
  . Orange Beauty Butterfly, Wall Accent
  . Peach D’fly, w/ Lily and Mallow
  . Red Spotted Butterfly with Fern and Morning Glory
  . Small Dragonfly and Flowers on Wall
  . Swallowtail on Manzanita, Tabletop
  . Three Butterflies in Grassy Meadow
  . Three Dragonflies w/ Lilies, Mallow and cattail

Botanical - 21 Items

  . Birch Tree, Enameled Leaves
  . Field of lavender w/butterfly
  . Flower Garden w/ dragonflies
  . Flowering Blossom Tree
  . Flowering Tree, White
  . Gingko Branch, Enameled
  . Ladybug on Daisy Wall Accent
  . Ladybug on Daisy, Tabletop
  . Large Maple, Enameled Autumn Leaves
  . Large blue flowers with dragonfly wall sculpture
  . Large wildflower garden w/dragonfly
  . Maple Branch with Autumn Enameled Leaves
  . Maple Leaves on Copper Tree
  . Maple Tree, Enameled Autumn Leaves
  . Maple Tree, Patina Brass Leaves
  . Maple Tree, Red Enameled Leaves
  . Sea Oats on Manzanita - Tabletop
  . Single Purple Iris w/Patina Grass
  . Small Aspen Tree, Enameled
  . Small wildflower garden w/ dragonfly
  . Triple Purple Iris w/Patina Grass

Marine Life - 43 Items

  . Anemone and Surgeonfish
  . Anenome Fish with Sea Fan
  . Blacktail Butterfly Fish in Coral
  . Blue Ring Angelfish and Seafans
  . Blue Ring Angelfish in Coral
  . Blue Ring Angelfish, Golden Butterfly Fish, Harlequin Tuskfish and Coral
  . Blue Ring, Flame Angelfish, Golden Butterfly Fish
  . Crab Blue
  . Emperor Angel, Flame Angel, Rock Beauty
  . Emperor Angelfish, Sf, Branching Coral, Scallop
  . Flagtail Surgeonfish and Blacktail Butterfly
  . Flagtail Surgeonfish in Coral
  . Flame Angelfish, Sf, Branching Coral
  . Golden Butterfly Fish in Coral
  . Harlequin Tusk Fish in Coral
  . King Angelfish with Sea Fan
  . Large Coral Reef Fish Gathering (11 Fish)
  . Lobster
  . Mini Sea Turtle with Coral
  . Mini Sea Turtle with Sea Fan
  . Octopus with Grasses and Coral
  . Octopus with Shell
  . Orange Shoulder Surgeonfish in Coral
  . Powder Blue Surgeonfish and Coral
  . Powder-blue Surgeonfish
  . Queen Angelfish, Single
  . Queen Trigger, Flame Angel, Trigger, Anemone
  . Rainbow Seahorse with Coral
  . Sea Horses with Coral and Shell
  . Sea Turtle with Coral - Blue
  . Sea Turtle, Single (Large)
  . Sea Turtle, Single (Mini)
  . Sea Turtle, Single (Small)
  . Seahorse with Clam
  . Seahorse with Star Fish
  . Seahorse, Rainbow with Crab
  . Seahorse, Rainbow, Left Facing
  . Seahorse, Rainbow, Right Facing
  . Single King Angelfish (purple w/orange stripes)
  . Small Coral Reef Fish Gathering (6 Fish)
  . Starfish, Sand Dollar, Seashell in Beach Colors
  . Surgeon and Tusk Fish, Seanfan and Coral
  . Two Sea Turtles

Art Deco - 2 Items

  . Sunburst Triple Layer
  . Sunburst Triple Layer

Sporting - 9 Items

  . Balloons (5) In Flight
  . Balloons In Flight (5), Albuquerque Colors
  . Balloons In Flight (6), Albuquerque Colors
  . Sailboat Regatta
  . Sailboat with Sun and Three Gulls
  . W691 Balloons in Flight (5)
  . W691 Balloons in Flight (5)
  . W693 Balloons in Flight (3)
  . W693 Balloons in Flight (3)

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