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Bird Sculptures


Bird Sculptures

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Bald Eagle In Flight
Baltimore Oriole
Birds (Variety) on Pine Branch
Blue Jay
Blue Jay On Birch
Bluebird Eastern
Bluebird Pair with Prairie Rose
Bluebird with Apple Blossom on Manzanita
Bluebirds Two
Bunting, Indigo
Cardinal Female with Dogwood
Cardinal Male on Pine
Cardinal Male with Dogwood
Cardinal On Birch
Cardinal Pair On Pine
Cardinal on Cherry Blossom
Cardinal with 3D pine cone
Cardinal with Dogwood on Manzanita
Cardinals (2) In Tree
Cardinals Two
Cardinals and Chickadee Pine Branch and Pine Cones
Carolina Wren
Cedar Wax Wing with Cherry Blossom
Chickadee Looking Left
Chickadee Pair On Pine
Chickadee on Pine
Chickadee with 3D pine cone
Chickadee with Dogwood on Manzanita
Chickadee with Pine Bough
Chickadees (2) In Tree
Chickadees (2) On Dogwood Branch
Chickadees (2) with Pine Bough
Chickadees Nesting
Chickadees Two
Chickadees on Copper Tree with 3D pine cones
Downy Woodpecker On Birch
Egret in Cattails - Tabletop
Egret with Grasses
Goldfinch (2) with Pink Asters
Goldfinch (Female) Facing Forward On Sunflower
Goldfinch On Birch
Goldfinch Profile on Pine
Goldfinch Two
Goldfinch on Manzanita
Goldfinch with Pink Aster
Goldfinches, 2, on Pine
Goose Single Flying
Great Blue Heron with Grasses
Great Horned Owl on Branch
Grosbeak-Rose Breasted
Heron Blue Flying
Heron in Cattails - Tabletop
Heron, Flying Single
Hummingbird 3D and Flower, Tabletop
Hummingbird Broad Tailed with Pink Orchid
Hummingbird Broad Tailed with Wood Lily Flower
Hummingbird Broad-tailed with Columbine
Hummingbird Calliope, Bleeding Heart Flower
Hummingbird Ruby Throat with Turks Cap Lily and Pens
Hummingbird on Morning Glory Vine-Sm
Hummingbird with Dogwood
Hummingbird with Dogwood
Hummingbird with Pink Lilies
Hummingbird with Trillium
Hummingbird with Trumpet Flower
Hummingbird with Wood Lily
Hummingbird with Wood Lily
Hummingbird, Dragonfly, Butterfly Bough
Hummingbirds (4) On Dogwood Bough
Large Dogwood Tree with Songbirds
Large Egret with Cattails
Large Great Blue Heron with Cattails, Facing Left
Large Great Blue Heron with Cattails, Facing Right
Mallard Duck
Owl on Maple Leaf Branch
Owl, Saw Whet On Pine
Pelican Brown On Pilings
Pelican-1 Large Brown
Pelican-1 Brown with Sun
Piping Plover with Baby Plover
Quail Hen and Chicks
Quail Male and Chicks
Red Headed and Red Bellied Woodpeckers
Red-Bellied Woodpecker On Birch
Sandpiper and Starfish/Clam
Sandpiper facing down on Sandstone - Tabletop
Sandpiper facing forward on Sandstone - Tabletop
Sandpiper facing up on Sandstone - Tabletop
Sandpiper with 2 Clam Shells
Sandpiper with 2 Shells-Vertical
Sandpipers (2) with Seashells
Sandpipers (3) Single, Posed
Sandpipers with Grasses
Sawwhet Owl on Manzanita
Sawwhet Owl on Manzanita Wall
Screech Owl with Cherry Blossom
Screech Owl with Pine
Single Pelican Flying Wings Down
Small Great Blue Heron, with Cattails, Facing Left
Small Great Blue Heron, with Cattails, Facing Righ
Small White Heron, Egret, with Cattails
Snowy Egret with Shells
Snowy Owl on Branch
Songbirds On Dogwood Bough
Songbirds in Flower Meadow
Songbirds with Dogwood Bough
Two Chickadees with 3D pine cones

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